Pour Your Own custom candle

Define Your Fragrance

Scent is everywhere around us, for better and for worse. Our sense of smell is one of the strongest senses that we have and the one that is most closely tied to memory. Take the time to define the fragrances in your life with a custom candle. 

The process

Fragrance Library.JPG

What are the scents you love

Start by perusing our wall of 80+ candles in our Fragrance Library. Use our work sheet to record the scents that you gravitate towards the most. 

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Choose a jar

Once you have narrowed down your list of favorite scents, it's time to choose what kind of candle you want to make. Our candles range from $16-$40 depending on the size and material of the container. Or maybe you don't want to make a candle and you'd rather choose a room spray or a room diffuser. We've got those too. 

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Pour your candle

Now that you have your blend carefully concocted it's time to pour your candle. We will fill your jar with hot wax and let you finish the process. Once you pour your candle and stir it up it will need 60-150 minutes to finish setting up. We will glaze the candle while you head off to enjoy the rest of what Downtown Lee's Summit has to offer. 

Define your Fragrance

This is when the magic happens at the bar. One of our fantastic scent experts will take your list of favorites and help you determine what scent is right for you. Once you have made your decision we give you bottles of fragrance oils and allow you to blend together the perfect amount of each one to create your perfect candle.