The Fifth Sense: Smell


Your sense of smell is truly incredible! It guards you from danger, helps you select a mate and without it you wouldn’t be able to taste food. One of the most remarkable capabilities of your sense of smell is its memory and how fragrance can instantly trigger a memory from your past.


Does the scent of a rose make you think of your grandmother? Conjuring up memories of you standing by her vanity watching as she applied her rose scented face cream? Thank a fragrance memory.


Does the scent of a crayon transport you back to your childhood? Again, thank a fragrance memory. The smell of a crayon is universally the most recognized fragrance, followed closely by chocolate.


The sense of smell is a part of the limbic system in your brain. It is responsible for controlling mood, memory, behavior and emotion. When you are trying to create an ambiance in your home or business or if you are planning a memorable event, utilizing the sense of smell is key to establishing that special jive and imprinting lasting memories.


At Embers Candle Bar we can assist you to develop your own custom fragrances. Do you want to add a relaxing spa aroma to your home? Or maybe you want to create a uniquely you fragrance as favors so your guests can remember your Special Day. We can help. Follow your nose on a fragrance experience. Create a Fragrance Memory at Embers Candle Bar.

Vicki Derks